450km Charity Bike ride across Zambia for Just giving!

So after all the massive buzz and excitement of the Olympic Games, I am throwing myself into yet another challenge! Along with myself; fellow athletes, Mel Marshall, Becky Adlington and Ross Davenport have all decided that we are going to cycle 450km in 4days across Zambia for charity!

The aim of the cycle is to raise 50,000 to help support ‘ Sport in Action ‘ which is a non-government funded organisation that inspires change within impoverished communities through the medium of sport. One of the projects that the money would go towards would be the building of a Physiotherapy wing on the side of an AIDS hospital. This would be used to provide rehab for AIDS victims whose limbs have started to condense and restrict, and would also be able to be used for sport physio. While not only are we able to assist the AIDS/HIV victims directly but we also hope to reduce the stigma attached to aids which will be helped by having sports physio running out of the same building! Should we raise enough money, we would like to build a second orphanage to help look after more of the street kids who live in terrible conditions. Overall our main aim is to assist the existing charity with providing help and support to the Zambians.

I am extremely excited to be a part of this, it’s something I never thought I would get to be involved with and I feel so privileged to of been asked and will be forever thankful. As an athlete, I love sinking my teeth into new challenges and being able to overcome obstacles. This trip is a huge challenge but I think one of the most rewarding. I also can’t think of a better group of people to do it with, I have known these guys since I was a teenager and they are like family to me. Sure this trip will be tough but I know are going to have a great time together as well as being able to help those in need. However, I am not sure we are going to appreciate each other’s body odours after not showering for 4days, which will maybe be a test of our friendships!!!!! The padded shorts will definitely be coming out too; we don’t want too many sore bums out there!!!

I really hope we can raise the money we want and not only that put some smiles on the people’s faces out there. It would be so nice coming away from the project knowing we have made a difference to these people’s lives and inspired them. I know it’s going to be mentally tough seeing all these children who are affected but even if we can change a few small things out there it’s a start.

If people would like to sponsor us we would really appreciate it and so would all the families living out in Zambia. There are a few ways to do this. You can log onto our just giving page, which is http://www.justgiving.com/zambiacycle or you can text 70070 TPDF50 £5 or the amount you would like to donate max £10.

I will be taking lots of pictures out there which on my return will be posted on my website, so keep a look out!