It’s been a while……

So its been quite a roller coaster of a ride these last few months but things are definitely on the up, which am pleased to say.

After the trials in Manchester i decided i needed a change so decided to move coaches. This was totally my decision and the reason for this was just because i wanted something new and some different training. I am still in Loughborough but now training with Ben Titley. I have the most amazing group and love training with them. I can definitely feel the benefits already. I also have started biking to training, which is different for me but great when the sun is shining, not so much when it rains!

I have recently come back from a British Swimming training in camp in Cyprus. It was great to get some training done outside with the sun shining on your back. Got some really good work done out there and was great to train with some different people.

I have a few trips coming up which i am looking forward to. I head out to Barcelona in a week to do the Mare Nostrum, then come back for the 2nd stage of the world trials, where i am hoping to qualify for the World Championships in Shanghai. After trials i head out to Rome to do an international meet there. I am really looking forward to that as its the pool where the world championships were held in 2009. It will bring back some great memories for me. It is one of my favorite pools.

I will let you know how i got on in these meets. Hopefully my next blog will be all good news.