Back from Cyprus training camp

Arrived back in Loughborough on Sunday night after a really successful training camp in Cyprus.

It was an enjoyable trip and the training went well. Did some really tough training sets with my times improving throughout which is great. Feeling very excited about how things are going. 

Another exciting thing was picking up my brand new Audi A5 on Monday, I absolutely love it!!  Went to Harrogate for the day to pick it up and had a really fun day. 

Less then 2 weeks to go now to the European Championships in Budapest. It’s going to be great to be racing again so I’m looking forward to getting on the plane out there.

I won’t be tapering for this event though due to Commonwealth’s later in the year, but it will be really good to race against Europe’s best and to see where I am bearing in mind the probelms I’ve had over the winter. 

I will keep you updated on how it goes out there.